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Date:         27 Jul 94 11:24:17 
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Subj:  2nd 777 flight test aircraft          94-07-26 22:00:26 EDT
From:  TX Gary
Posted on: America Online

Aviation Week - 25 July 1994

The 2nd 777 made a 5 hr. flight July 15.  WA002 painted in United colors
took off from Paine Field at 12:46PM.  It landed at Boeing Field.

As of July 20, the 1st 777 has completed 22 flights totalling about 88
hrs.  The flight envelope has been cleared to 43,000 ft. and 0.94 Mach
dive speed.  Takeoffs have been performed at thrust levels up to 84,000
lb. per engine.

Flutter tests were completed on July 13.

A fully coupled approach and automatic landing at near-max landing weight
was performed on the 4th landing.

The problems encountered to date are minor and include:

* An inflight vibration of the forward nose gear doors at high speeds.
* Failure of the gear to fully lock after performing an alternate gear
extension procedure with zero hydraulic pressure.
* Slight aerodynamic buffet with landing flaps extended at certain
approach speeds.  Boeing planned making slight aerodynamic modifications
on the order of adding a handful of vortex generators.
* Flight control sensitivity a high speeds and high altitudes which was
adjusted with a software change.
* A nuisance engine vibration message.
* A thrust reverser sensor adjustment to eliminate a false, non-critical
"not closed" indication after landing.
* A "tuning" of engine control software to eliminate a "slight lag" in
response to throttle input.
* An adjustment to trim software to correct a minor problem encountered
after performing a high speed, non-normal touch-and-go landing maneuver
with little flap extension.
* Non-critical pieces of missing information on the Aircraft Information
Management System.
* Identification and corrective action to eliminate repeated failure of an
air-driven hydraulic back-up pump.
* Software changes to improve indication accuracy of the aircraft's
advanced ultrasound-based fuel measurement systems after maneuvering.  If
left uncorrected, this could be a potential ETOPS issue.

D.G. Davidson (TriStar500@aol.com)
Aviation Forum Host - America Online