Re: Details on recent PW-4xxx engine problems?

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Date:         25 Jul 94 21:47:33 
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> While they didn't lead to a crash, the problems with the PW4460 on the
> MD-11 appear to be somewhat more serious.  At least one airline (China
> Air?) temporarily grounded their MD-11 fleet after suffering a number
> of compressor stalls.

Another reason to go with the three-spool RR engines. In my experience the
RB211 very seldom stalls or surges, and these are old, non electronic
engines as on the L/1011. The new EEC engines (757, 767 etc) must be

In the PW2037 class I attended, the PW instructor stood up in front of the
class and told us that PW should build a three-spool engine. 
I wish everyone would.