Re: Details on recent PW-4xxx engine problems?

From: (Steve Brown)
Organization: Kaos Computing
Date:         25 Jul 94 21:47:32 
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In <airliners.1994.1455@ohare.Chicago.COM> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
>>In assorted recent postings (largely on*) I noted claims
>>of recent problems with PW-4xxx engines on B-767 and MD-11 aircraft.

>The only problem I'm aware of with the PW4060 on the 767 was the in-
>flight reverser deployment which led to the Lauda Air crash outside
>Bangkok.  At first, all 767s (possibly not those with GE engines?)
>were required to have their thrust reversers deactivated, later only
>PW4060-equipped 767s were affected.  I believe the problem has now
>been corrected and the reversers reactivated, but it was costing the
>operators a fair chunk of change at the time.

When I was working at Douglas in the flight simulation group i rember the
NTSB and the FAA were doing extensive tests in the MD-11 simulator. These
tests involved inadvertant deployment of the thrust reverser in-flight at
about Mach .82. I was on-board for the tests. When the reversers were 
deployed on the wing engines, the yawing moment was enough to shear the 
the wing off. The tail engine, the aircraft pitched so rapidly the pilot
could not correct even when expecting the test.
I believe the Lauda air and the DC-10 Garuda incident were both due to 
the T/R cascades not completely locking. When the N1(GE) or EPR(PW) is 
above (I think) 20% the T/R doors are not suppose to open.
I experienced what those people went through on a motion based simulator
I could not imagine what must have gone though their minds????

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