Re: Details on recent PW-4xxx engine problems?

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Date:         22 Jul 94 12:44:04 
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>The engines also vibrate so bad that clamps and wiring harnesses are
>self-destructing. This is on 767-300ER and A-310-300s. The ETOPs airplanes
>are subject to a 'hardware' check almost everynight to look for damaged
>clamps, hardware and wiring caused by the vibration.

So why in the world did Delta, after having amassed a sizeable fleet
of non-ETOPS 767-200 and -300 aircraft with GE CF6 engines, switch to
the PW4060 for their ETOPS 767-300s (and recent domestic models too)
and also equip their MD-11s with PW4460 engines?

The costs to maintain two completely different engine families must be
pretty painful, too (perhaps that's why they're having some trouble at
the moment).  I'm also surprised they didn't have a lot of pain getting
ETOPS ratings, given their lack of experience with the engines.  (They
did have to exert a major effort to get ETOPS on the A310s since they
had no prior expierence with the airframe, and Virgin picked the A340
over the 777 in part because they weren't sure they could get ETOPS
without any experience with the airframe.)

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