Re: jet fuel question

Date:         22 Jul 94 12:44:02 
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IJ>Does anyone have any (reasonably well documented) examples of cases
IJ>in which commercial airliners have been refueled with unconventional
IJ>fuels? Gasoline?  Diesel?  Alcohol-containing fuels?  What do the engine
IJ>operating manuals allow?

I recall a chart in the ops manual for a P&W PT6 powered turboprop (if
memory serves me, it was a Beech 99 Airliner) that stated the number of hours
the turbine engines could be operated on gasoline without requiring any
special maintenance procedures.  As I recall, it was something like 8
hours, which seems sufficient to get one home, or at least, to an airport
with jet fuel.  An altitude limitation also applied.

I also recall conversing with a pilot who flew Mexican charters in the
BE99.  He told me that he once had to fill the tanks with Tequilla to
depart a Mexican field that had run out of fuel.  While I believe that a
PT6 would run quite well on Tequilla, I have my doubts about the story.
After all, the hour was late and the stories were becoming exagerated.
Whether true or not, I doubt the tale is "reasonably well documented"
anywhere, other than a stray service bulletin about a worm clogging a
fuel line.