1963 Boeing 707 crash in Elkton, Md

From:         coffins@hfsi.hfsi.com (HFS Inc.  CSO Support Center)
Date:         22 Jul 94 12:44:02 
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If I recall correctly, some two weeks ago, in the "lightning hitting aircraft"
thread, mention was made of a Boeing 707 crashing in Elkton, Maryland in the
early 1960s.  This was the plane that was in the BWI holding pattern while
dumping fuel.  Apparently lightning hit the left wing causing an explosion.

As I live very close to Elkton, I would like to use this opportunity as a
learning experience, a chance to research an event and locate it on USGS
survey maps and possibly visit the crash site (if its not a shopping mall).

Any specific information, location of FAA records or other references would be

Simon P.Coffin

email: coffins@hfsi.com