Re: Plane Nose Dives From Break

From: (Philip M. Chuang)
Organization: Merit Network, Inc.  Ann Arbor, MI
Date:         22 Jul 94 12:44:02 
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>Something similar happened in the 1950s on one of Eastern's Lockheed
>Electras shortly after it had departed Boston's Logan Airport ... I'm
>not certain of the details, but as I recall it was several years before
>the truth came out.

Decades ago Eastern lost an Electra at Boston Logan due to a stall.
Investigations later revealed that the chain of events leading to
the accident started when the the pin which locked the pilot's seat
on the rail broke.  The mechanic fabricated a pin out of wire instead
of replacing it with a real part.

When the Electra took off, seagulls strucks one (maybe two) of the
engines.  The plane was losing the little attitude it had, and the
attitude was decreasing as well.  The pilot tried to rescue the
plane by pulling back his control column.  Just then the pin under
his seat must have broken, sending the seat, with the pilot strapped
in, toward the rear.  The pilot held on to the control column and
tipped the nose up until the plane stalled.