Re: video of Al Haynes' talk at NASA Dryden available

From:         "Michael P. Hartley, \"Dreading the Info SuperTrafficJam\""
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Date:         21 Jul 94 01:29:23 
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In article <airliners.1994.1447@ohare.Chicago.COM> you write:
>the aircraft's hydraulic fluid had drained away.  I'm talking about
>United's flight 232, a DC-10, which crashed at Sioux City, Iowa, on
>July 19, 1989.
>The fact that 185 of the 296 people aboard survived is a tribute to
>the skill and teamwork (and luck) of the pilots.  Capt. Al Haynes,

   I feel forced to disagree with this statement.   I was there.  Yes,
the flight crew did a fine job of bringing the aircraft down, but they
didn't save all those people.  It was the efforts of local firefighters,
first response teams, paramedics, hospital staff, and dozens of others
who arrived before and after the crash, which saved the lives of many those

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