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Date:         21 Jul 94 01:29:22 
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> Douglas airplane, with a center engine.

A DC-10 (or MD-11) if you mean a transport aircraft.

> Happened 1-2 months ago
> Happened on a flight leaving an eastern Canadian city - Montreal, Quebec?

Sounds like United 243 (Toronto to Chicago) on June 22nd.  At 6 pm
they reported a possible fire in the #2 (center) engine and turned
back, landing about 20 minutes later.  They landed without incident
and 285 passengers (just 2 short of a full load for a UA DC-10-10)
were evacuated.

I find it very difficult to believe one could see flames out the
windows while the plane was in the air -- the front of the #2 engine
on a DC-10 is at the very back of the tail, considerably aft of the
cabin.  With several hundred knots of airflow, the flames would have
had to be pretty intense to reach maybe 20 feet forward, and at that
intensity would probably have destroyed the aircraft.

I don't have any other details, but it sounds like a harrowing but
not otherwise terribly significant incident.

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