Blown engine?

From: (Steven Belle)
Date:         21 Jul 94 01:29:22 
Organization: Honeywell Air Transport Systems Division
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Does anyone have any information about an engine-out incident occuring on
some type of Douglas aircraft in the last month or two? The details I have
are sketchy because I heard second hand that an ex-collegue of mine was on
a flight and the "center engine" blew right after takeoff. No one hurt
except for a few ankle sprains during evacuation of the airplane. There were
apparently open flames visible out the windows however.

The sketchy facts I have are: 
  Douglas airplane, with a center engine.
  Happened 1-2 months ago
  Happened on a flight leaving an eastern Canadian city - Montreal, Quebec?

Anyone know anything?


Steve Belle         
Honeywell Air Transport Systems