Re: video of Al Haynes' talk at NASA Dryden available

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Date:         20 Jul 94 13:21:47 
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Looks like I forgot to mention several key details about the video of
Al Haynes' talk about United 232 at NASA Dryden ...

The talk is copyright by Al Haynes.  He gave Mary Shafer permission to
tape the talk and to distribute copies so that a wider audience could
benefit from his experience.  Since NASA isn't in the business of
distributing videotapes, Mary only had a few tapes, and was kind
enough to give me one so that the talk could be made more widely

The only restriction on further duplicating the tape or showing it in
public, to the best of my knowledge, is that you may not profit from
doing so.

Finally, you're welcome to redistribute this offer (including the note
about about copyright and such) wherever you like.  In fact, I would
encourage you to do so if you know of an interested mailing list or
whatnot.  I believe everyone who has heard Capt. Haynes talk would
agree that he's an excellent speaker and a lot can be learned from
his talk.

The offer, again:

The tape is standard VHS and runs for approximately 80 minutes.  I
have made arrangements to have professional copies made on quality
tapes.  The cost is $15 US, including postage in the United States
and Canada.  If you'd like a copy, please send a check for US $15
and your mailing address to

    Al Haynes Video
    c/o Karl Swartz
    2144 Sand Hill Rd.
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

If you're outside the United States, please make sure your check is
payable through a US bank.  Also, unless you're in Canada, you'll
need to contact me for postal charges, which probably will be higher.

Tapes will be sent out the week of August 8th.  (I intend to do
another run of the tape later if there is enough demand.)

If you're just interested in a transcript, Robert Dorsett posted one
to sci.aeronautics.airliners last year.  Archives of the newsgroup are
available for anonymous ftp on and;
the file containing the transcript is archive-1993b.Z.

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