Re: Details on recent PW-4xxx engine problems?

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Date:         20 Jul 94 02:13:03 
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>In assorted recent postings (largely on*) I noted claims
>of recent problems with PW-4xxx engines on B-767 and MD-11 aircraft.

The only problem I'm aware of with the PW4060 on the 767 was the in-
flight reverser deployment which led to the Lauda Air crash outside
Bangkok.  At first, all 767s (possibly not those with GE engines?)
were required to have their thrust reversers deactivated, later only
PW4060-equipped 767s were affected.  I believe the problem has now
been corrected and the reversers reactivated, but it was costing the
operators a fair chunk of change at the time.

While they didn't lead to a crash, the problems with the PW4460 on the
MD-11 appear to be somewhat more serious.  At least one airline (China
Air?) temporarily grounded their MD-11 fleet after suffering a number
of compressor stalls.  (Andrew, can you provide further detail?)

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