Re: Airliner cleanliness

From: (Dennis Chamberlin)
Organization: T&M/Telecoms IBU, Tektronix, Inc., Beaverton,  OR.
Date:         20 Jul 94 02:13:02 
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Out of the last four airplanes I've flown on, three have had 
their passenger cabin windows absolutely trashed. When the
windows were in direct sunlight, the scratches were so bad 
the window was nearly useless. And the damage was obvious 
even when the window was in shadow. The scratches all seemed
to have a preferred diagonal orientation. As I recall, the 
carrier was either American or Trans World. 

Since two of these craft were pretty new, it appears to me
that someone has gotten extremely careless with their washing
procedures/equipment/personnel. It looks as though lots of 
damage was done, maye in a relatively short time.