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From: (Alexei A. Lebedev)
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Date:         20 Jul 94 02:13:02 
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Russia - Public Announcement
 July 18, 1994

The U.S. Embassy  in Moscow has released the following 
administrative notice to U.S. Government employees regarding air 
travel in Russia.  Private Americans may wish to consider this 
information when making travel plans.  The Department of State also 
wishes to remind U.S. citizens considering travel in Russia that 
they should review the Consular Information Sheet for additional 
safety information:

"With the breakup of Aeroflot into many small airlines, travel 
within Russia is often unreliable.  Domestic air travelers must 
often cope with unpredictable schedules and difficult conditions 
including deterioration and overloading.  U.S. Government officials 
working in Russia are instructed to defer routine air travel.  
However, on a case-by-case basis and if approved by an appropriate 
supervisor, travel on alternate means of transport may be performed. 
 The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Russian 
civil air authorities  are engaged in a joint program to deal with 
the aviation issues noted above.

"Until the FAA has completed its evaluation of the Russian civil 
aviation system in conjunction with the Russian civil aviation 
authorities, only official air travel deemed important and 
absolutely necessary to the U.S. Government should be undertaken on 
Russian air carriers.  All other travel will be deferred.  
Alternative means of travel should be investigated and used where 
possible, including alternative international air carriers.  When 
these result in higher cost, the Chief of Mission's approval is 

"This policy affects all U.S. Governments employees working and 
travelling in Russia whether on temporary duty orders, flying on a 
U.S. Government purchased ticket, or assigned to the mission.  
Travel by contractors will be monitored by the appropriate head in 
Moscow.  Individual personal travel is not affected by this policy, 
however, all mission personnel should be made aware of the policy 
and the warning notice to better enable them to make appropriate 
domestic and international travel plans.  Group travel sponsored by 
embassy organizations is covered by the policy.

"Further instructions and guidance on routine air travel should be 
addressed to agency heads, section chiefs, and consuls general by 
their respective employees."

 No. 94-rrr