Re: Could this be True?

From: (Dan Nafe)
Organization: Shadow Information Services, Inc.
Date:         20 Jul 94 02:13:02 
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When I was in the Marines, we were being deployed to Norway via Tower Air's 
N-601BN (a former Braniff 747-200). There were nearly 500 Marines (ie: 
19year-olds w/ guns) on the aircraft.

The cabin crew foolishly elected to show two different movies on the main 
deck, a sensitive, tender, caring drama forward, and an action-adventure 
movie aft.

Of course all the Marines moved to the rear part of the cabin and were 
sitting in the aisles. The flight crew got on the PA system and said 
words to the effect that we would have to move to our seats because the 
a/c was experiencing pitch changes. This was the second error made by the 
Tower crew.

On hearing that the aircraft's pitch angle was changed by their moving to 
the back of the aircraft, the Marines stood up and started jumping up and 
down in unision. This is a normal practice when parachuting from a C-130 
and is loads of fun, as it causes air sickness for everyone who is not 
already sick. Note: *I* was not one of the Marines jumping up and down 
in the back of the 747, but I could certianly feel the pitch changes. 
They were significant! What fun!

To make a long story endless, What works with 50 paratroopers in a C-130, 
works even better in a B-747 with 500 Marines.

Dan Nafe
Miami, Fl
		"Jimmy Carter is no longer our worst president."