From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         19 Jul 94 01:27:35 
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	More news from the upper left hand corner of the map.  The 
Seattle Museum of Flight's Boeing 247D is out of restoration and flying.  
Last weekend it was down at FlightFest at Boeing field, along with the #1 
777, the B307, Dash 80, the #1 747, a Martin 404 and a Connie.  Today I 
was up a Paine Field and the 247D was back up there, parked right next to 
the #1 727-100, which the museum owns.  Also, nearby was the museum's 
Comet 4C, which looks to be in bad shape.  The beautiful Boeing applied 
paint scheme is a mess, but the doors were all open and someone was 
working inside.  Parked nearby, on the Boeing ramp were two 777s in 
United colors and a 767 in Aeroflot colors (they are taking two on lease)!

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