Airliner cleanliness

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Date:         19 Jul 94 01:27:34 
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As a gate agent for American Airlines I have a pretty unique view of what
makes planes dirty or clean. It isn't the long haulers that give us
headaches. An MD-11 doing a series of Frankfurt-Chicago legs stays
considerably cleaner than say a F100 doing 10 turns out of O'hare to
Anyplace Middle America. That  MD-11 has a couple hours to be cleaned and
have its lavs dumped. A F100 has at best 40 to 50 minutes on the gate,
usually less....much less (my nerves!). The flight attendants are now more
often responsable for cleaning the cabin and on the Fokker the lav access
is blocked by the jet bridge! Its the puddle jumpers more often than not
that reek! As far as air quality goes, that varies by aircraft type. The
ventillation on the MD-11 is LOUD! the Fokker is excellant to breath on,
if it doesn't smell.

Andrew Mondt

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