Re: The Scoop on the A330 Accident

From: (C. Emory Tate)
Organization: BDM Federal, Inc.
Date:         19 Jul 94 01:27:34 
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In article <airliners.1994.1433@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Peter Ladkin 
<> says:
>The autopilot was using experimental software. This A330 was
>undergoing a flight test required for certification of the autopilot
>for Category III the worst case an engine can fail at
>this point. One can see why it's required to conduct this test from an
>actual takeoff, rather than at altitude...The test was performed at
>rearmost center-of-gravity.

Any info about results of earlier tests with the same parameters save
CG at other than rearmost?  Seems to me a more conservative (prudent?)
test schedule would've tried the engine-fail test first at a more
recoverable CG.

Or is this an indication of a difference between the European approach
and the U.S.' more risk-averse culture?  (i.e., you might expect the more
conservative 2-stage test schedule here)

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