The Scoop on the A330 Accident

Date:         19 Jul 94 01:27:34 
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IP>The flight team noted the anomaly immediately, but purposely let the
IP>situation degrade for about 12 seconds, in order to analyse it better,
IP>as is their role. The AoA attained 33 degrees with speed decaying to
IP>100kts, which is 18kts less than V_{mca}, the minimum single engine
IP>control speed . At this moment, the pilot disconnected the autopilot
IP>and took over control.  But the speed continued to decrease. At about
IP>90 kts, 28kts less than V_{mca}, the aircraft departed [`part en
IP>decrochage'] to the left in a stall with angle of bank [`angle de
IP>roulis'] attaining 110 degrees.

Thank you, Peter, for the translation of the A330 accident.  One point
comes to mind:  If Vmc is the minimum speed at which directional control
can be maintained when one engine is developing zero thrust, the other
is developing full thrust and the CG is at its most rearward limit [the
configuration of the A330], how was directional control maintained
between 18-28 kts below Vmc?

-- Dave Alden