Effect of Temp. on T/O Distance

From:         hclack@euler.Berkeley.EDU (Herek Lerron Clack)
Date:         09 Jul 94 16:58:51 
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Apologies in advance if this question is common knowledge or
has been covered before.....

Last year, during one of the yearly "it's hotter than it's 
EVER been" regional heat waves, a network news item reported
that it was "so hot" that passenger aircraft at Phoenix
Skyharbor Airport at times were incapable of taking off
given the runway lengths there.  A friend and I began to 
debate what the primary factors for this situation might be.

For our benefit, what would cause such a restriction:

	* Temperature constraints on engine operation

	* Reduced thrust due to reduced ambient density

	* Reduced lift due to reduced ambient density

	* All of the above

	* None of the above

Thanks in advance.  If the answer is REALLY obvious, 
feel free to respond privately.