FMC's on Boeing planes

From: (Morten Norby Larsen)
Date:         08 Jul 94 18:18:10 
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A while ago, somebody posted a reference to a book about the Smith
Industries Flight Management Computer (FMC) on a 737 (which I lost,
could some kind soul please send it to me again, e-mail address below?).

I know very little about these creatures, but would like to know more,
especially about the FMC's on board a 767. For instance:

Are there more than one supplier, and if so, what are the differences
from one supplier to another - and from one A/C type (e.g. 737/767) to
another? (Interface, functionality...)

How much of the flight is/can be undertaken by the FMC? I am thinking
about take-off, climb, cruise, initial approach and so forth. For
instance, does an automatic landing have anything to do with the FMC?

And so on, let's stop here.

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