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From: (Joseph Hall)
Organization: Motorola Inc., Satellite Communications
Date:         07 Jul 94 00:13:06 
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Seems it was (Gregory R. TRAVIS) who said:
>*Long-term use of gasoline in turbine engines can cause deterioration of
>turbine blades and burn cans if the fuel controls and combustion chambers
>are not "set up" for gasoline use.  In other words, it's almost always
>OK to fuel your unmodified 727 with gasoline occasionally, but if you're going
>to make a habit of it it's best to have the engine's internals modified
>a bit.

Does anyone have any (reasonably well documented) examples of cases 
in which commercial airliners have been refueled with unconventional 
fuels? Gasoline?  Diesel?  Alcohol-containing fuels?  What do the engine
operating manuals allow?

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