Re: DC-3 Upgrades

From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         06 Jul 94 12:02:14 
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	There are actually two DC-3/C-47 turboprop conversions 

	Basler Flight Service in Oshkosh, WI offers the Turbo-67.  
Here, 1424 shp PT6A-67Rs are fitted to the aircraft, the fuselage is 
stretched 3'4" ahead of the wing and new wing tips are added.  Additionally, 
internal changes are made so that five LD-3 containers can be carried.  
This conversion first flew in 1990 and was STCed the same year.  The 
number of aircraft converted so far is probably around two dozen.

	The other conversion was developed by Schafer Aircraft 
Modifications of Waco, TX.  Here, 1424 shp PT6A-65ARs are fitted and the 
fuselage is stretched 3'4" again.  This mod is also marketed by a South 
African company (Field Aviation?).  This conversion first flew in 1986 and 
the number of conversions completed is not known.

	Years ago, Conroy converted a DC-3 to have three PT6As.  The FAA 
denied an STC due to airframe life.  I am not certain how Basler and 
Schafer get around this.  Additionally, there were several DC-3s fitted 
with RR Darts in the 1950s for route proving with BEA.

	Both the Basler and Schafer mods were exhibited at Farnborough a 
couple of years ago and were parked across from one another, allowing for 
easy comparison.

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