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From: (Nathan N. Duehr)
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Date:         06 Jul 94 12:02:14 
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Robert Dorsett ( wrote:
: In article <airliners.1994.1407@ohare.Chicago.COM> W. T. McCandless <> writes:
: >
: >Wait a minute.  So what are you saying, that it's acceptable for the
: >captain to leave the aircraft with no one at the controls for even the
: >short interval that it would take for the RFO to take the controls? 

: Well, yes, actually, I think that departing the airplane would be a very bad
: thing, even if a temporary absence.  But in this case, it would appear he only 
: stepped outside the cockpit for a minute. :-)

: But wait a minute.  So what are you saying, that it's acceptable to destroy a 
: pilot's career for a single indiscretion which did *not*, in fact, pose a 
: threat to safety?  

This may seem extreme to you, but the passengers in the back have *paid 
for* a flight crew that is doing the job 100% of the time.  Yes, 
overwater flights must be booring, but in reality there had better always 
be something to do in a cockpit.  Hell, if you're bored, turn off the 
autopilot and find out how rusty you are at hand-flying the tub.

The recent stories of the Airbus crash in Russia where the young boy may 
have been at the controls instead of a qualified pilot should be enough 
to refute your claims that pilot's leaving their seats without someone 
else who is qualified at the controls is not a safety problem.

If the guys up front don't want to fly it, let me up there, but don't 
make me trust my life to a computer.  How many times has yours hiccuped 
since you owned it?  Everyone whines about the rules and the guy who 
broke them is classified as a "victim" when he's caught and punished.  He 
read the FAR's.  If he didn't want to take them seriously, he shouldn't 
have been in the cockpit of a commercial aircraft.  He can go kill 
himself in a private aircraft any day he pleases, I won't deny him his 
own right to ignorance, but he will *not* endanger a passenger's life 
(however trifling it may seem) and get away with it.

As my mom used to say... NO "BUTS".

Nathan N. Duehr -

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