Re: Concorde

From: (R Buckingham)
Organization: The University of Leeds, School of Computer Studies
Date:         06 Jul 94 00:52:21 
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uunet.UU.NET!ide!pete (Peter Coe) wrote:

> The biggest dissapointment of the trip, was just how uneventful it
>was.  But for the Mach meter at the front of the cabin, I would never
>have known when we broke the sound barrier.  I think they were to
>successful at making supersonic flight uneventful :-)

 I remember a documentary on Concorde, one of the first passengers said
afterwards to one of the designers

 " Whats so special about flying supersonic, it seemed quite smooth to me "

to which the designer replies:

 " Yes, that was the difficult bit! " :-)