Re: Fuel dumping

From: (Christian X Nielsen)
Organization: University Of Utah Computer Center
Date:         06 Jul 94 00:52:21 
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Grant C Lynde ( wrote:
: Next question is this, and it applies more to the business side of
: airlines.  Allegedly, one of the biggest problems facing the airline
: industryy in the US is over-capicity.  But airlines, such as US Air, are
: asking for labor concessions to speed up turnaround time with the
: intention of increasing the number of flights between cities such as
: Pittsburgh and Philadelpia.  So, if there is already overcapicity, and
: this is causing much difficulty within the airline industry, why are they
: taking steps to increase the number of seats flying at any given moment?  

	It seems to me that the faster they can put an airplane in the
air, the more time it is in the air making money. By doing that, they will
be needing to have less airplanes fo r the routes they have. Or keep the
same amount of airplanes and have more seats to sell, and with more seats
to sell more people are able to travel at a lower price.