More on A330 crash

From:         rna@leland.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft)
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Date:         06 Jul 94 00:52:20 
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Quotes from Airbus on the A330 crash:

         ``The test was to involve a takeoff under extreme rear trim
conditions, at minimum speed and at a maximum angle of climb,''
it said.
         ``After attaining the maximum climb angle, the automatic
pilot was to engage, followed immediately by a simulation of a
failure of one motor and a break in the hydraulic circuit
associated with this motor,'' Airbus said.
         ``For a reason yet to be determined, the aircraft suffered a
brutal loss of lateral control. The pilot appeared to have taken
back the controls, but at an insufficient altitude to avoid
impact with the ground.''

Airbus's chief test pilot was killed, as were two Alitalia pilots on