Re: Canadian 757 out of fuel incident?

From: (Keith Barr)
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Date:         30 Jun 94 00:34:17 
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In article <airliners.1994.1392@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Katie Schwarz) writes:
>When the Boeing 757 had just been introduced, an Air Canada flight with
>a new 757 that had only made ten flights so far did not take on enough
>fuel. Either the pilot miscalculated the fuel that was needed, or didn't
>measure the amount of fuel correctly, and the fuel gauge in the cockpit
>was stuck and showed that the tank was full when it wasn't. In the middle
>of the flight the engines started failing when the fuel ran out, and this
>made the hydraulics fail also. The pilot was only able to keep control
>of the plane because he had a lot of experience in gliders. It landed
>safely at an air force base.

It was actually a 767 not a 757.  The main fuel gauges (those that
actually show the amount of fuel in the tanks) were inoperative (which 
actually made the aircraft unairworthy, BTW), but another fuel management
system can be programmed with the amount of fuel being added, then it 
keeps track of the amount burned, so the crew figured they would be
ok.  Unfortunately the conversions they made between pounds and kilograms,
and litres and gallons was not correct and they ended up being misfueled.

I highly recommend the book "Freefall" which examines all of the mistakes
that were made to cause the incident, and all of the things the crew did
to bring a very serious situation to a reasonably safe ending.

To Karl:  I haven't heard of the book you mentioned...maybe they are the
same and just published under different names?
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