Re: (also jet fuel followup)

From: (Anthony MacKay)
Organization: University of Guelph
Date:         29 Jun 94 01:00:43 
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: Apparently the standing challange from one of the Jet A proponents was
: that he would stand in a pool of Jet A and drop matches into it if the
: guys who thought JP-4 was OK would do the same with JP-4.

: Funnily enough no one was willing to take up that particular challenge.

: Anyone else hear this story and remember any details?  I've heard Jet A

I know that the story hailed from the UK.  I think that it might have
been Lord Brabazon in the early 50's.  The proponents of JP4 were adamant
that it was safe (despite evidence to the contrary).  The debate was only 
put to rest with the challenge about standing in the bath of JP1/JP4 and
dropping in matches.  Sometime around the mid 60's, Flight International
listed all airlines still using JP4.