Canadian 757 out of fuel incident?

From: (Katie Schwarz)
Date:         29 Jun 94 01:00:43 
Organization: University of California, Berkeley
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Someone just told me about an airliner running out of fuel in flight.
Can any of you experts in this group confirm this and add more details?
This is the story I heard:

When the Boeing 757 had just been introduced, an Air Canada flight with
a new 757 that had only made ten flights so far did not take on enough
fuel. Either the pilot miscalculated the fuel that was needed, or didn't
measure the amount of fuel correctly, and the fuel gauge in the cockpit
was stuck and showed that the tank was full when it wasn't. In the middle
of the flight the engines started failing when the fuel ran out, and this
made the hydraulics fail also. The pilot was only able to keep control
of the plane because he had a lot of experience in gliders. It landed
safely at an air force base.

Did this happen the way I heard it? If the amount of fuel on board was
way too low, wouldn't they notice that the plane was much lighter than
it should be? I know that on a long flight after a significant portion of
fuel is burned so the aircraft is lighter, they can change the angle of
attack to reduce drag and get better mileage.

Thanks for your answers,
Katie Schwarz