Re: Thunderstorms

From:         rna@leland.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft)
Organization: Stanford University, CA 94305, USA
Date:         28 Jun 94 01:11:19 
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David Stocker <> wrote:
>Lightning strikes on aircraft are fairly common.  Yes, they
>are designed with the possibility of lightning strikes
>in mind.  Last year a UPS 757 dirverted here to Roanoke
>after taking a strong hit in an area of thunderstorms
>between here and Lousivile. There were three burn spots
>on the plane, under the cockpit area, but no other visible
>damage.  Their electronics were knocked out for a short
>time but were fully restored within seconds.

What precautions does Airbus take to harden the FBW systems
against this sort of thing?  Having the computers knocked out
for a few seconds doesn't sound too nice...