Re: Jet fuel question

From: (Michael Nolan)
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Date:         27 Jun 94 12:01:07 
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  or MIME structure (John Setel O'Donnell) writes:

>In article <airliners.1994.1330@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Stephen Tedder) writes:
>>... Jet aircraft are much
>>more efficient than automobiles and therefore burn much less fuel,
>>per passenger-mile. 

>I fly SEA-NRT and back with some regularity :-(

>Northwest commonly posts a data sheet in the cabin regarding the
>flight.  The NRT->SEA flight is about 4700 miles.  Typically they
>go through about 34,000 gallons of fuel, carrying maybe 300-350
>passengers.  At 300 passengers that's under 42mpg, worse than
>driving a VW Rabbit Diesel (similar fuel energy/gal) by yourself.
>On the other hand, it's 10x faster.

It all depends how you lok at these things.  Using the above figures,
I figure that it takes about 113 gallons to move one passenger 4700 miles
(34,000 gallons divded by 300 passengers)

My Honda Accord gets at least 30 mpg so it would use 156 gallons to drive
4700 miles.  That seems less efficient.  But when you figure that I 
travel with 5 people in the car, that reduces it to about 31 gallons
per person, for a 4700 mile trip, alot more efficient than the airliners
113 gallons per person!

But as previously noted, the airliner is 10 times faster.  You pay for
that speed.  Can't get something for nothing!