Re: wake turbulence

From:         Gautam Shah <>
Organization: nasa
Date:         26 Jun 94 21:42:04 
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  or MIME structure (Robert Dorsett) writes:

> The 757 issue is covered surprisingly well in the July issue of _FLYING_.
> The bottom line is that different people are saying different things.  The
> FAA is proceeding in one direction.  NOAA researchers are saying 
> others.  And the NTSB has axes to grind in a third direction.

[Items attributed to AP are paraphrased from reports, not actual quotes]

Further adding to the confusion of the general public, Associated Press
reports on this topic have been rather erroneous.  For example, AP
reported that an FAA scientist "discovered the existence" of tip
vortices from the 757 (referred to, of course, as 'powerful,
horizontal tornados').  Later in the same report (or maybe a follow-
on, I can't remember) AP stated that 'similar problems involving
wake vortices have been experienced on other large aircraft like
747, DC-10, etc.'  So in addition to several agencies saying different
things, it appears the media may be making wake turbulence out to be
a *new* hazard to air travel.

Gautam Shah
(and most certainly *NOT* an official NASA spokesman!)