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Date:         26 Jun 94 21:42:04 
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In article <airliners.1994.1339@ohare.chicago.com>,
David Lednicer  <dave@amiwest.com> wrote:
>However, the old JP-4 fuel that has largely been phased out
>was a 50-50 cut of Gasoline and Kerosene.  I remember a B737-300 getting a
>load of JP-4 and having problems with the CFM-56s.  Last I knew, the military
>mostly used JP-5, which I don't think is much different from JP-1.  The
>SR-71 was an exception, using an exotic fuel that was called JP-7.

I remember a story about the debate between proponents of JP-4 and Jet A.
JP-4 is a lighter than Jet A (you need fewer lbs of it to fly the same
distance).  On the other hand, it's a lot more dangerous too.

Apparently the standing challange from one of the Jet A proponents was
that he would stand in a pool of Jet A and drop matches into it if the
guys who thought JP-4 was OK would do the same with JP-4.

Funnily enough no one was willing to take up that particular challenge.

Anyone else hear this story and remember any details?  I've heard Jet A
is quite safe so long as you don't atomize it (thereby increasing the
contact between it and oxygen).  Probably not something to try at home