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Date:         26 Jun 94 21:42:04 
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>Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> wrote:
>>(The Tu-156 also has six-wheeled mains -- where the otherwise similar
>>777 has two-wheeled mains!  Obviously the aircraft wasn't all *that*

>Karl, what are you saying here?  What's a Tu-156?  All Tupolevs I've
>ever heard of end in 4.  And the only Tupolev I've ever heard of that
>is similar to a 777 is the Tu-204, which is a 757 clone.

Boy, I *really* fumbled up that one!  Can I blame it on the heat?!

What I meant was the Tu-154 and the 727.

>Also, you just got through saying that the 777 has 6-wheel mains.
>So why are they now 2-wheel?  And if you really meant 757, doesn't
>the 757 have 4-wheel mains?  I'm confused.

The 777 does have six-wheel mains and the 757 (like the 767) has four-
wheel mains.  It's the 727 that has the two-wheel mains.  (As does the
737, but let me not try to get things even more confused here!)

>Another example is the Indian Airlines Airbus 320, which has 4-wheel
>mains for soft/bad runways, whereas all other A320s have 2-wheel mains.

Right, I was going to mention that but since it's a real oddball I
thought I should stop before making it too confusing.  Sounds like I
should have stopped sooner!  <sigh>

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