Re: Thunderstorms

From: (Brian Cherkas)
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Date:         26 Jun 94 16:18:26 
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In article <airliners.1994.1351@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Ed Hahn) wrote:

> These static wicks do another duty by dissapating static charge which
> accumulates on the fuselage into the air stream by a mechanism I don't
> know too much about, quite frankly.  The main problem with static
> buildup is that it can affect the comm radios and other RF devices.

Another phenomena we get while flying near thunderstorms are some very
exciting displays of St. Elmo's fire. One time while picking our way around
cells, the cockpit windows were dancing with bright blue electricity. After
a while, St. Elmo's seemed to enter the cockpit, as a ballish looking blob
of electricity danced in mid-air for a second and then bang, we heard a
very loud explosion as the electricity dissapated.

I've twice experienced this sudden explosion of electricity while flying,
and many times experienced such shows of St. Elmo's that it surpassed my
most enlightening shows of the northern lights.


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