Re: Thunderstorms / Pan Am Elkton crash

From: (StevCaisse)
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Date:         26 Jun 94 16:18:25 
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In article <airliners.1994.1335@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Lars A Ewell) writes:


The other replys to your question covered the hows/whys of your
interest.  You also asked about consequesnces.  The most notable
lightning strike accident occurred 08 Dec 1963.  On that date a Pan
American Boeing 707-121, N709PA was struck by lightning near Elkton
Maryland on a flight from Baltimore to Philadelphia (PA214
SJU-BAL-PHL).  The lightning strike caused an explosion of the fuel
in the left wing and the aircraft crashed with 81 persons lost. 
Numerous modifications to airframe/fuel/procedures following that
accident make the possibility of lightning downing a commercial
airliner today,  very remote.

Steve Caisse / ATL