From: (David Coburn)
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Date:         26 Jun 94 16:18:25 
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I was waiting on a connection at LAX the other day, and glimpsed a HUGE
tail on an AC that taxied between terminal C and the Bradley (?)
international terminal.  I went over to the window, and saw what appeared
to be a widebody jet, with 4 engines and some pretty large winglets.
There were three sets of main landing gear (one under each wing, where one
would expect them, the third under the fuselage), and a bit of a knob over
the APU exhaust.

First, does anybody know what type of airliner this is?  (No, there is no
way I had been drinking; there is just enough time in the SAN-LAX run to
have the flight attendants make a mad dash through the cabin tossing
peanuts and little juice containers out.)

Anyway, what are the extra mains for?  Rough field ops?  Second, they
parked the jet between terminals for quite a while, which really screwed
up ground ops.  The tug had to come out and fetch the jet.  I would *hope*
the pilot had sufficient skill to park it at the gate, and the wing span
wasn't great enough to interfere with other gates if it was a hair off.

Thanks in advance,


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