777 2nd Flight.

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Date:         26 Jun 94 16:18:25 
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   The 777 "Working Together" airplane flew for the second
time Wednesday.
  With Boeing Capts. John Cashman and Ken Higgins at the
controls, the airplane took off from Paine Field at about
8:45 a.m., went through a majority of flight testing along
the western coast of Washington state, and landed more than
seven hours later, at 3:50 p.m.
  The second flight was the first of five "flight-control
clearance" tests aimed at assuring the air worthiness of the
flight-control system and to assess the airplanes's handling
  The aircraft eventually will move from Paine Field to the
Boeing Field flight test center, where the flight-test
program will continue.
  After the five flight-control clearance tests are
complete, the 777 will fly to Glasgow, Mont., for a series
of "flutter tests," which essentially test how the airplane
structure responds to high speeds.
  The test are expected to last until mid-July.

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