Re: Russian 'UFO' shaped plane? Anyone?

From: (Mary Shafer)
Organization: NASA Dryden Flight Research Facility, Edwards CA
Date:         26 Jun 94 16:18:24 
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On 22 Jun 94 16:57:49 , (Mary Shafer) said:

Mary> On 13 Jun 94 19:31:48 , "Michael P. Hartley"
Mary> <> said:

Michael> Does anyone have stats on US lifting-body research?  I recall
Michael> two prototypes, one made from plywood and un-powered. (f2n1?
Michael> some long designation)

Mary> M2-F1, M2-F2, M2-F3, HL-10, X-24A, X-24B, are the manned lifting
Mary> bodies.  The M2-F1 was the unpowered plywood aircraft, the M2-F2
Mary> is the one you see crashing in the opening scenes of "The Six
Mary> Million Dollar Man", the M2-F3 is what they rebuilt the M2-F2
Mary> into, the HL-10 is the one you see coming off the hooks on the
Mary> NB-52B in "The Six Million Dollar Man", the X-24A was a joint
Mary> project with the USAF, the X-24B was the follow-on rebuild of
Mary> the X-24B.

The X-24B was the rebuild of the X-24A, obviously.

Those of you with access to the World Wide Web can find a lot more
information about lifting bodies, including pictures, on

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