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Date:         22 Jun 94 16:57:50 
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H. Andrew Chuang writes:
>since Northwest's cancellation of 20 A340's in 1992, Airbus has
>picked up orders of 16 new A340's only: Virgin Atlantic's 4 ...

Even that isn't as rosy as it looks, since the Virgin A340s were
"virtual white tails" from the Northwest order -- the cancellation
came too late to catch some of the longer-lead time items, so Airbus
might have been stuck with white tails.

>... Cathay Pacific's 6 (plus 4 leased aircraft originally destined
>for Philippine Airlines), and Air Canada's 6.  (Am I right, Karl?)

I don't see the November, 1993 order for six A340s by China Eastern
in your list.  But you also don't mention that Continental cancelled
seven A340 orders along with the A330 cancellations in March, 1993,
just two months before their first A340 was to have been delivered.

>I believe, with this order, SIA have ordered more B747's than any
>other airlines except JAL.  JAL have ordered ~100 B747's, SIA ~85,
>and BA ~75.

Are you including options?  If so, United should be second.  They
acquired 18 747-122s (the original order may have been bigger; I'm
not sure) and 2 -222Bs.  Their first 747-400 order was for 15 (with
the order for 101 737-300s, at the time Boeing's biggest single sale)
and then United ordered 60 more (half options) as part of their 777
order.  That's 95 747s.  I'm not sure if it's fair or not to add in
the two 747-451s that Northwest cancelled at the last minute; United
is taking delivery of them this month and next.  (United has also
acquired at least 25 used 747s over the years.)

>For Boeing, it did get some extra from the Continental deal:
>Cotinental switched the A330 orders to a combination of B767's and

As noted above, A340s were cancelled as well as a larger number of
A330s.  Boeing actually got its foot in the door with *all* of its
large twins -- Continental hadn't previously had the 757, either.

>BTW, other than Korean's undecided B777 powerplant and Continental's
>R-R-powered B757's, all of last year's major engine orders went to
>General Electric!

Right after you left GE for Pratt, eh?  8-)

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