Re: Thunderstorms

From: (Robert Dorsett)
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Date:         22 Jun 94 16:57:49 
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In article <airliners.1994.1335@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Lars A Ewell) writes:
>	While taking a recent flight from LaGuardia on a
>727-200 we flew through a rather significant thunderstorm.
>The rain was coming down pretty hard but what got my 
>attention was at least one lightning flash that was not 
>too far from the plane.  Are most commercial airliners
>protected against lightning flashes?  Has there ever
>been a record of lightning striking an airliner and if
>so, what were the consequences?

Usually it's a tiny hole in the fuselage.  Rarely, the airplane blows
up.  In one case, it triggered a bizarre chemical reaction, and the wing
of an Iranian Imperial Air Force 747 fell off over Spain.  Sometimes, you
can even get ball lightning in the cabin!

Airplanes get hit all the time.  It's a wild experience.

Robert Dorsett