Re: No Smoking?

From: (Joseph Hall)
Organization: Motorola Inc., Satellite Communications
Date:         22 Jun 94 16:57:48 
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Seems it was (Steve Williams) who said:
> >Anybody know if things have improved any?
>Yes.  Most, if not all, of the airlines in the United States are now
>banning smoking on flights.  However, most airports haven't banned smoking

The only domestic flights with smoking sections that I know of are to/from
Alaska and Hawaii, since smoking is prohibited by law on domestic flights
of less than 6 hours.  I don't know whether "domestic" includes flights
to US possessions and territories as well.  It's a kind of a rotten
surprise the first time you fly from DFW or ORD to Honolulu and find,
to your horror, that the back end of the plane is filled with ... smoke?
I believe that some US airlines have banned smoking altogether even on
flights of over 6 hours duration, though this wouldn't be practical on
most flights to Europe and certainly not to the Pacific Rim (if any non-US
passengers were to be carried).

Some airports have worse problems with smoke than others.  In particular
the air in O'Hare reeks of stale smoke almost no matter where you go.  This
is the #1 reason I have an Admiral's Club membership, since I travel
through O'Hare frequently and the air in the Club is much, much better.

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