Operation costs for airliners?

From:         tomas@sics.se (Tomas Stephanson)
Organization: Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Kista
Date:         17 Jun 94 23:59:09 
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I search for historical data showing the development of 
operation costs for airliners. These could be given either as
-	seat mile costs or as
-	cost per hour, where of course mph and seats per plane 
would be of interest.

The purpose is to compare piston engined machines with gas 
turbine engined airliners, as well as to show the development 
of the modern airliner through the years, partly thanks to 
the gas turbine.

Of large interest would be to get the costs distribution 
amongst the following (or other) factors
-	passenger handling costs,
-	line maintenance,
-	airframe maintenance (maybe split into light and heavy),
-	engine maintenance (maybe split into light and heavy),
-	fuel,
-	capital,
-	other.

Further it would be of interest to hear som guesses about the 
future. What will be the effects of interacting developments
in technology and economy.