They don't do this in Mother Russia, that's for sure.

From: (Robert Dorsett)
Date:         17 Jun 94 23:59:09 
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>From the May 1994 _Air Line Pilot_, p. 7:

    NTSB Order EA-3616/3673
    A widebody captain's certificate was revoked because he left the flight
    deck enroute for a period of approximately 30 seconds without ensuring
    that a qualified pilot was at a pilot duty station.  At the time, the
    first officer was on a relief period, and the relief first officer (RFO)
    was standing just outside the cockpit door.  The captain did not
    specifically order the RFO to take a pilot seat.
    NTSB upheld the revocation.
    The Board noted that the RFO "appears to have succeeded, by deliberately
    refraining from entering the cockpit after the [captain] left, in having
    the [captain] fired...  after a 25-year violation-free career."
    FAA appealed the NTSB decision on the grounds that the observation
    concerning the RFO was inappropriate and should be expunged.  NTSB
    stated that its comment was supported by the evidence and was relevant
    to understanding the incident and would remain.  The captain's
    certificate was nonetheless revoked.

Robert Dorsett