wake turbulence

From:         "Fred Christiansen" <fredch@quad4.phx.mcd.mot.com>
Date:         17 Jun 94 23:59:08 
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Seeing the amount of thrust that the PW4084's can put out on the 777 prompts
me to ask about wake turbulence.  It is my understanding that wake turbulence
has been a problem with the "heavies" -- DC-10, MD-11, 747, 767, TriStar.
My guess was that this was due to the large amount of thrust put out by
the engines of these aircraft.  I heard on the radio that it is now known
that the 757 has significant wake turbulence, just like a "heavy".  The
report did not say, as I recall, but I again guessed it was due to engine
thrust.  If that's the case, what sort of wake turbulence will a 777 put
out?  The thrust on those engines is amazing!  Are there high-engine-thrust
airplanes w/o wake turbulence problems?  Why did the 757 problem come as
a surprise?
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