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From: (John Setel O'Donnell)
Organization: Equator Technologies, Inc., Seattle, WA
Date:         17 Jun 94 23:59:07 
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In article <airliners.1994.1330@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Stephen Tedder) writes:
>... Jet aircraft are much
>more efficient than automobiles and therefore burn much less fuel,
>per passenger-mile. 

I fly SEA-NRT and back with some regularity :-(

Northwest commonly posts a data sheet in the cabin regarding the
flight.  The NRT->SEA flight is about 4700 miles.  Typically they
go through about 34,000 gallons of fuel, carrying maybe 300-350
passengers.  At 300 passengers that's under 42mpg, worse than
driving a VW Rabbit Diesel (similar fuel energy/gal) by yourself.
On the other hand, it's 10x faster.

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