Re: Russian 'UFO' shaped plane? Anyone?

From:         "Michael P. Hartley" <>
Organization: Indiana University
Date:         13 Jun 94 19:31:48 
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   The large transport was commonly called the 'Black Sea Monster',
roughly the size of a modern sub from sat. photos, and it did actually work... 
I believe it was a very large ground-effect vehicle (not a hover-craft), but it 
may have been a very large hydro-foil craft. (this is from vague memory, and I
don't have the reference to where it is from)
   It looked (from the photo I saw) vaguely like the old Merrimac, without 
stacks ;^)

   This new aircraft looks to be a lifting-body, with horizontal and vertical 
stabs.  I recall that the US abandoned lifting-body reasearch some time ago.

Does anyone have stats on US lifting-body research?   I recall two prototypes, 
one made from plywood and un-powered. (f2n1? some long designation)

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