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Date:         13 Jun 94 10:42:08 
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Steve Williams writes:

>>smokers sat on the left ... the rest of us on the right!

>I remember airline manufacturers recommending this arrangement since 
>the return air ducts were located on the left sides; thus putting smokers 
>on left side should have been the most effective arrangement.

Interesting.  You say "manufacturers" in the plural -- were there
others besides McDonnell Douglas?  From what I recall of the 737,
which may or may not apply to other Boeings, I don't see where there
would be any difference.

At least one other MacDAC product does seem to have a peculiar air
flow pattern, though -- the DC-10.  United used to have the smokers
in the *front* of the main cabin.  I don't recall if F class was
backwards as well or not.  I asked someone why they did this and was
told that, unlike other aircraft, the interior air circulated from
back to front, thus putting smokers in front gave the non-smokers
clear air than the usual setup.  I have no idea if this is accurate
or not.

On the subject of smoking, I also recall some comments by a friend
who had seen the effects on a TWA L-1011 -- plenums that had to be
cleaned regularly because they would get coated with a think, tarry
goo.  That leads me to wonder how much the airlines are saving in
maintenance because of the non-smoking flights!

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