Re: No Smoking?

From:         Nicolas Ercan Murat <vis@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Date:         13 Jun 94 10:42:08 
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> Just an anecdote. About a decade ago, I was flying on an Al Italia DC-9 from
> Rome to Athens. I had asked for a No Smoking seat. Boy, was I surprised when
> I discovered that, for the entire length of the plane, the smokers sat on the 
> left side of the aisle, and the rest of us on the right! Not very effective.
> Anybody know if things have improved any?
> Steve McDowell

Even the Europeans are getting their act together... Many European flights are
becoming completely non-smoking (eg Air France).

I have even flown from LHR to SFO on a 11 hour non-smoking BA flight. I wonder
how the Europeans do it. The mentality is really finally changing, I even
got upgraded to Business Class on Air France once because there was no
room left in non-smoking - this was an 8 hour flight too!

Even Alitalia has a better seating policy now I think.